August 2, 2023

This is a very uncommon question though, but it arises out of the knowledge that there are outpatient treatment options available for rehab and detox. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to know that there are outpatient services available for sober living homes too. This is where you attend specific sober living practice sessions at the sober house periodically while staying at the comfort of your home.

You Can Get the Same Support in Outpatient Groups

The outpatient option is similar to the inpatient program wherein you will still attend support group sessions, lectures by psychiatrists, hospital & institutional meetings, employment and life-skills training sessions, etc. at the sober house. You will be informed of the time and date of these sessions and all you have to do is show up at the center. This program is particularly helpful for people who cannot risk leaving their jobs to join an inpatient program at the sober houses. If you are one of those people who are looking for this opportunity, contact your nearest sober house and ask for details about their outpatient program.

Periodic Attendance to Meetings is Important

Since you will be attending the group sessions and meetings from home, your attendance, and punctuality is entirely up to you. The onus lies on you to show up regularly at the sober homes for the meetings. Although the members make sure they take care of all their peers in the groups, it is important that individuals themselves maintain a decorum. Hence, make sure you go with your support group and obey its agreements. This is a place for a two way support. You get confidence in yourself by helping others. Similarly you can get support from others.

Be Courteous & Helpful in Meetings

The support group meetings, and lectures are designed to help you understand about your addiction. They will enlighten you about your own personal issues and teach you ways to work on yourself. Also, every single participant will experience their own unique realization during these meetings. Your job is to make sure everyone in your group feels comfortable during these sessions. Look out for people who seek support, and lend them a hand.

Get Free from Alcoholism & Drug Addictions

Aside from these meetings, the sober houses also conduct special programs for their participants. Programs like employment training, resume building exercises, life-skill training, etc. are provided to the participants in hope that these skills will help them after they move into their regular life. The outpatient participants can take part in them too. By focusing on the positive side of life, you can shift your eyes from addictions and start working on your new life ahead.

The sober houses are non-medical facilities that are not equipped with medical facilities like in rehab and detox centers. These are places for isolated living and relaxation. In case residents feel any need for urgent care they will be taken to the nearest medical facility for treatments. No in-house medical treatments will be provided, since this proves risky.

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